First Choice
Schuman Hoque

ITN Productions was tasked with the challenge of airing a live tv commercial in the Coronation Street ad break on Valentines day. This involved filming a live marriage proposal, plus two backup proposals with genuine couples on the same day. All three proposals had been planned, prepped and coordinated for weeks leading up to transmission, including filming back-up stories for each couple, without disclosing to the men what was about to happen.

The back-up proposals were carried out at Heathrow airport and The Old Vic Theatre, with the main ‘live’ couple based in a central London photoshoot studio. It was a massively time-sensitive production to carry out each proposal, editing same-day, securing tv clearances and delivering all ads within hours of the main live proposal itself. Just in case that one didn’t work out! A fantastic experience to be involved in … and luckily they all said yes.